Ek1 1914 KO


Ek1 1914 in good, worn condition, it is a 3-piece cross with magnetic core from... ..

Preussen epauletten hauptzollamtsassistenten


Pair of early German (Prussian) epaulettes of a hauptzollamtassistenten (customs assistant). They can be dated... ..

5 piece German WW1 medal bar


5-piece German WW1 (medal bar) ordensspange in very neat condition. The spange contains:Eisernes Kreuz 2.Klasse... ..

3-piece German WW1 medal bar with miniatures.


Beautiful 3-piece German WW1 medal bar (ordensspange). The spange contains:verdienstkreuz kriegshilfsdienst 1916, Dienstauszeichnung 3.Klasse 1913... ..

3-piece german ww1 ordenskette.


3-piece German WW1 miniature ordenskette in beautiful condition. The kette contains:ek2 wo1, landwehrdienstauszeichnung 2nd class... ..

Carl Zeiss armee handbook 1914-1915


Carl Zeiss armee handbuch 1914-1915, rare item in complete and good condition. These booklets were... ..

3 piece German WW1 Ordensspange


3-piece German WW1 ordensspange in good condition, the spange contains:Eisernes Kreuz 2. Class 1914, Württemberg... ..

ww1 Miniature/stickpin ek2 Fek


Wo1 miniature/stickpin ek2 and Fek. In good worn condition. ..

WW1 miniature/stickpin wound badge black


Wo1 miniature/stickpin wound badge black, open 9mm variant! ..

German WW1 Seitengewehr 84/98 with sawback and frog


German WW1 Seitengewehr 84/98 in good condition, the bayonet is marked on the baffle plate... ..