German WW1 model breadbag Reichswehr infantry regiment 14/15


German WW1 model breadbag in neat worn condition. Marked with infantry regiment 14 and 15.... ..



German WW1 canteen cup (trinkbecher) in fair condition. Gray enamel variant, manufacturer is Bing dated... ..

Preussen epauletten hauptzollamtsassistenten


Pair of early German (Prussian) epaulettes of a hauptzollamtassistenten (customs assistant). They can be dated... ..

5 piece German WW1 medal bar


5-piece German WW1 (medal bar) ordensspange in very neat condition. The spange contains:Eisernes Kreuz 2.Klasse... ..

3-piece German WW1 medal bar with miniatures.


Beautiful 3-piece German WW1 medal bar (ordensspange). The spange contains:verdienstkreuz kriegshilfsdienst 1916, Dienstauszeichnung 3.Klasse 1913... ..

3-piece german ww1 ordenskette.


3-piece German WW1 miniature ordenskette in beautiful condition. The kette contains:ek2 wo1, landwehrdienstauszeichnung 2nd class... ..

Carl Zeiss armee handbook 1914-1915


Carl Zeiss armee handbuch 1914-1915, rare item in complete and good condition. These booklets were... ..

3 piece German WW1 Ordensspange


3-piece German WW1 ordensspange in good condition, the spange contains:Eisernes Kreuz 2. Class 1914, Württemberg... ..

ww1 Miniature/stickpin ek2 Fek


Wo1 miniature/stickpin ek2 and Fek. In good worn condition. ..

WW1 miniature/stickpin wound badge black


Wo1 miniature/stickpin wound badge black, open 9mm variant! ..