Wehrmacht shooting target Nachschub Bataillon 559 1941


Beautiful and rare Wehrmacht shooting target, used in a mutual shooting competition at Nachschub Bataillon... ..



Volksempfanger DKE 38, in very nice condition, no damage. With original cable and plug. These... ..

Wehrmacht riding crop infantry ersatz Bataillon 335


Wehrmacht riding crop, given to an officer of infantry ersatz Bataillon 335. It is a... ..

Flak 8.8 CM gun steel model.


Beautiful steel model of a Flak 88 gun. This is a handmade model, undated but... ..

Wehrmacht/ Heer soccer prize 1941


Wehrmacht/ Heer soccer prize. Engraved with:Fussballpokalturnier Karfreitag 1941 abteilung sieger 5. Kompanie, and the names... ..

Ring Saloniki 1941 Greece


Ring Saloniki 1941 (Greece) in neat, worn condition. Silver plated variant. ..

Silver Ring Norge 1940


Silver ring Norge 1940. Heavily worn piece, and the ring is broken at the back.... ..

Sign here half of the marshall plan


Extremely rare sign related to the Marshall Plan. German issued plate dating between 1948 and... ..

Beer mug Wehrmacht korps nachrichten abteilung 47


Beautiful and rare beer mug in very nice condition. In the name of 2 kompanie... ..

Beer mug Arbeitstagung Dresden 1943


Beer mug 0.5 liter in very nice condition, no damage. The lid is engraved:Arbeitstagung (Conference)... ..