Volksempfänger VE301 Dyn in nice and undamaged condition. The bakelite shows no cracks or flaws.... ..

Feldpost plaque 1942 Lauchhammer.


Feldpost plaque 1942 made of cast iron. These plaques were often handed out as Christmas... ..

Luftwaffe spoon and fork WMF 90/45 1937


Luftwaffe spoon and fork, made by manufacturer WMF, which stands for:Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik. Heavily silver plated... ..

Bracelet Fernand Hosse German POW


Special bracelet in the name of Fernand Hosse made in captivity, probably a German POW. ..

Alpacca pendant Wehrmacht soldier m43 feldmütze.


Alpacca pendant usually worn by the wife or mother, in very nice condition. Pictured is... ..

Luftwaffe bau-Gerätezug 3 desk set with inkwell


Beautiful desk set in art deco style, wedding gift given to probably an officer of... ..

Luftschutz RL3-40/233 zwerg gluhlampe AEG.


Rare luftschutz RL3-40/233 zwerg gluhlampe (blackout lamp) made by AEG. The housing is made of... ..

WHW Collection box (sammelbuchse) Gau Bayreuth


WHW/ winterhilfswerk collection box Gau Bayreuth in nice condition, in original colour. Made by Wesco... ..

Ozaphan 16mm film monatsschau nr11 1939


Ozaphan 16 mm film monatsschau nr11 1939. Entirely complete and in the original box. The... ..

Ozaphan 16mm film monatsschau nr3 1940


Ozaphan 16 mm film monatsschau nr3 1940. Entirely complete and in the original box. The... ..