Erdsprechgerät Siemens 1940 near mint!!


Erdsprechgerät made by manufacturer Siemens in 1940, the Gerät is in beautiful and complete condition,... ..

Luftwaffe borduhr Junghans J30 BZ variant 5.1


Luftwaffe borduhr Junghans variant 5.1 in a nice uncleaned condition, it is a late war... ..

FF33 Tasche für telefonhörerer


FF33 (feldfernsprecher 33) Tasche für Telefonhörer. Very special bag for storing a telephone handset of... ..

Sa sanitäts Koppeltasche nr 4470 left


Sa sanitäts Koppeltasche nr 4470 left In nice condition. Early variant made by manufacturer Paul... ..

Wehrmacht tropical coconut canteen


Wehrmacht tropical coconut canteen in very nice condition. Made by manufacturer:HRE 42 which stands for... ..

Key Glühzündapparat 37


Rarely separately available key of the Glühzündapparat 37 in original black colour. Waa markings visible. ..

Luftwaffe Kadlec bracelet compass AK39 with extension bracelet in box.


Luftwaffe Kadlec bracelet compass in the original box, variant AK39 in very nice and undamaged... ..

K98 parade bayonet (extraseitengewehr) with hirschhorn grips Anton Wingen long variant with frog.


K98 extraseitengewehr with Hirschhorn griff scales from manufacturer Anton Wingen in Solingen. Long version with... ..

K98 parade bayonet (extraseitengewehr) Carl Eickhorn with frog short.


K98 extraseitengewehr (parade bayonet) short variant from manufacturer Carl Eickhorn Solingen, in very nice condition... ..

K98 bayonet Herder with frog


k98 bayonet with frog. Bayonet is non matching with the scabbard. Bayonet is from manufacturer:Friedrich... ..

k98 bayonet matching numbers


K98 bayonet matching numbers no:8377 from manufacturer Dürkopp year 1939 . The bayonet is in... ..

Wehrmacht Heer officers dagger with Gehänge H. Kolping Solingen


Beautiful Wh Heer officer's dagger from less common manufacturer H. Kolping in Solingen. The dagger... ..