Dienstglas in nice,worn condition with a rare green original carrying strap marked BMK. The dienstglas... ..

Luftwaffe Kadlec wrist compass AK39 with rare armband extension piece (verlängerungsarmband)


Luftwaffe Kadlec wrist compass variant AK39 in very beautiful and undamaged condition.FL23235, with rare armband... ..

Lp42 Leuchtpistole 42 euh.


Very nice late war LP 42 with original brown handles, marked EUH that stands for... ..

Luftwaffe Dreieckrechner DR2 with rare manual.


Luftwaffe Dreieckrechner DR2 with rare original manual. The calculating disc is made by manufacturer Dennert... ..

German Winkelmesser 35 Franz Kuhlmann.


Winkelmesser 35, early variant in very nice condition. Made by manufacturer Franz Kuhlmann in Wilhelmshaven,... ..

K98 extraseitengewehr Alcoso with frog (long variant).


K98 extraseitengewehr (dress bayonet) long variant by manufacturer Alcoso Solingen, in nice, worn condition with... ..

K98 extraseitengewehr (dress bayonet) Carl Eickhorn with frog (short variant).


K98 extraseitengewehr (dress bayonet) short variant from manufacturer Carl Eickhorn Solingen, in good worn condition... ..

Luftwaffe borduhr/cockpit clock Junghans J30 BZ variant 5.1


Luftwaffe cockpit clock made by Junghans, variant 5.1 in a good and uncleaned condition, it... ..

Luftwaffe Ärmelband/Cuff title Jagdgeschwader Udet


Luftwaffe Ärmelband/Cuff title Jagdgeschwader Udet. Blue wool construction, the text Jagdgeschwader Udet is machine embroidered.... ..

Bakelite communication microphone Feind hört mit.


Feind hört mit bakelite communication microphone in very nice condition, with the original cable and... ..

Patronenkasten 41 Tan BRC


Patronenkasten 41 in nice, uncleaned condition. The box still has 90% of its original sand... ..

Butterdose/ butterdish black 2nd model


Butterdose/butterdish in black bakelite. It's the 2nd model with fine thread and is matching. The... ..