New Items

Luftwaffe belt and buckle Gustav Brehmer Reserve Flak Abteilung 435


Luftwaffe belt and buckle in nice, worn condition. The buckle is an aluminum variant from... ..

Hj dagger/fahrtenmesser Rzm M7/31 August Merten Eichenlaub Solingen


Hj Dagger/fahrtenmesser without motto in neat, worn condition. This is a double marked (transitional) variant.... ..

Kopffernhörer 33 with carrying pouch BCB41


Kopffernhörer 33 set, the pouch is in very nice condition and marked BCB 41 and... ..

Wooden sign Ortskommandantur Essen-Werden Hotel Werdener Hof


Rare late war wooden sign, in fair condition. The sign refers to the Ortskommandantur in... ..

RAF book Navigatie en theorie van het vliegen Hollandsch


RAF book Navigatie en theorie van het vliegen Hollandsch . This is a mid to... ..

Wolchow stick 1943


Wolchow stick in good condition. Beautiful variant with a twisted wooden snake around the stick.... ..

K98 bayonet frog/koppelschuh RB Nr: 0/0556/0159 1944


K98 bayonet frog in neat condition. Late war variant dated 1944 with strap. The frog... ..

Wehrmacht equipment strap Krikowa 1942


Wehrmacht equipment strap in good and flexible condition. Marked Krikowa Wien62 and dated 1942. ..

K98 bayonet frog/koppelschuh Albin Scholle Zeitz


 K98 bayonet frog/koppelschuh in neat condition. Early war variant with strap. Made by manufacturer Albin... ..

Wehrmacht 5cm granatwerfer 36 ammunition case 1940


 Wehrmacht 5cm granatwerfer 36 ammunition case, in uncleaned condition with complete interior. The box has... ..

K98 bayonet frog/koppelschuh Carl Ackva 1933


 K98 bayonet frog in neat condition. Pre war variant dated 1933, strap has been removed... ..

Hj belt buckle aluminum Rzm M4/101


Hj belt buckle in nice, worn condition. This is an aluminum variant, marked Rzm M4/101,... ..