Glengarry Liverpool Scottish Cameron Highlanders


WW2 periodGlengarry in very nice condition Liverpool Scottish Cameron Highlanders. The glengarry is not visibly... ..

British emergency ration tin ww2


British emergency Ration tin, in very nice condition, made by manufacturer:Rowntrees & Co Limited. ..

Us Pal rh-36 fighting knife


US RH-36 PAL fighting knife. Beautiful dagger In very neat condition with original sheath. ..

British pattern 1905 large Jack knife 1938


British pocket knife large variant made by manufacturer:Wade & Butcher in Sheffield, dated 1938. The... ..

British kitchen knife George Butler & Co Sheffield 1941


British kitchen knife in good used condition, made by manufacturer George Butler & Co in... ..

British 1897 Pattern Infantry Officers Sword George V WW1


British 1897 pattern infantry officers sword George V, beautiful sword dating to around WW1 and... ..