Ost medal with certificate


Ost medal with certificate in nice condition. Medal is not maker marked. The certificate is... ..



Treudienst ehrenzeichen 40 years with box In very nice condition. The box is from Hersteller... ..

HJ shooting badge for Meisterschützen


Hj schiessauszeichnung für Meisterschützen in very nice lightly worn condition. No damage! Buntmetall gold plated... ..

Police long service award for 25 years


Polizeidienstauszeichnung für 25 jahre (police long service award for 25 years), in neat condition with... ..

Police long service award for 18 years mm16


Polizeidienstauszeichnung für 18 jahre (Police long service award for 18 years) in nice condition with... ..

Hj shooting badge for Scharfschützen


Hj schiessauszeichnung für Scharfschützen in neat, slightly worn condition, no damage, the needle is slightly... ..

Police long service award for 8 years


Polizeidienstauszeichnung für 8 Jahre (Police long service award for 8 years), in neat, worn condition.... ..

Hj shooting badge rzm m1/148


Hj schiessauszeichnung, marked rzm m1/148 which stands for manufacturer:Heinrich Ulbrichts in Wien. The white enamel... ..

Medal for deutsche Volkspflege


Medal für deutsche Volkspflege in very nice condition with long strap. Bunt metal variant. ..

Wound badge black 126


wound badge black in very nice condition. Marked 126 and EH, which stands for manufacturer... ..

Hj membership pin rzm m1/77


In good and undamaged condition. Marked Rzm M1/77, which stands for manufacturer: Förster & Barth... ..

Kriegsmarine destroyer war badge ShuCo


Kriegsmarine destroyer war badge, in nice condition. Zinc variant. Signed ShuCo:  Sohni Heubach & Co. ..