Wehrpass Leutnant Jens Thomsen Infantry Regiment 46


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Early Wehrpass. Jens Thomsen, born 20-11-1916 in Enge Schlesswig. Jens served from 15-07-1937 with Infanterie regiment 46. He was promoted several times to leutnant. Awarded with:schiessabzeichen für karabiner 2nd class, sudetenland medal, Ek2 (early award), Ek1. The Wehrpass contains an extensive early battle calendar that starts in Poland, then the Netherlands, including:Übergang über die Maas schwisschen Steyl und Swalmen (near Roermond), Peelstellung Weert, slacht bei Maastricht. Then Belgium and France. Besetzung der Stadt Paris from 19-6 to 2-8-1940, Küstenschutze kanalküste from 3-8 to 4-9 1940, Sicherung der Niederlande from 6-9-1940 to 23-5-1941 He then leaves for the Eastern Front where he was killed in action at Bjely Bor 17-10-1942.interesting detail about this Wehrpass is that page 1-2 and page 51-52 are duplicated (binding error)very interesting early Wehrpass for further research!

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