Wehrpass Luftwaffe unteroffizier Heinz Richter.


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Beautiful early Luftwaffe Wehrpass in the name of Heinz Richter. Heinz is mainly active at airports and serves in various Fliegerhorst kompanien including: Kiel-Holtenau, Jüterbog-Damm, Berlin-Gatow, Rangsdorf. In 1944 he was deployed to the field 05-09-1944 to 28-09-1944 at Grenadier ersatz Bataillon 318, 29-09-1944 to 16-11-1944 with Grenadier regiment 748. KIA 16-11-1944. Heinz was only awarded the Sudeten Erinnerungs Medal. The cover is separate from the booklet. Beautiful early Wehrpass for further research!

Rurfront Militaria

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