Wehrpass Leutnant Kurt Eckle Greece Leros Festungsbrigade 968.



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Kurt Eckle was born in Stuttgart on January 30, 1919, he is a salesman by profession and speaks English and French. After his RAD service he is assigned to Infanterie Nachrichten Ersatz Kompanie 205 as a funker on 16-02-1940. Subsequently he is assigned to Infantry regiment 555 until 19-08-1942 where he experiences eastern front action. Then he is assigned to Infanterie Ersatz Bataillon 320 until 27-07-1943, in this period he is promoted to Leutnant. On 28-07-1943 he is assigned to Festungs Infanterie Regiment 968, which is renamed Festungsbrigade 968 on 01-07-1944, where he is part of the occupation troops on the Greek island of Leros until 08-05-1945. After the surrender he ends up as a prisoner of war, probably in the USA. On the last note pages of the Wehrpass many notes have been made with addresses and names from various countries including:Greece, France, USA. Kurt was awarded with:kriegsverdienstkreuz mit schwertern, ostmedaille, schutzwall abzeichen, infanterie sturmabzeichen silber. The Wehrpass is completely denazified, mostly in pencil. Very interesting Wehrpass for further research.

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