Wehrpass Helmut Dütz fallschirmjäger western front Netherlands Reichswald.


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Wehrpass Helmut Dütz, born in Oldenburg March 21, 1920. He went through various training courses until he was appointed as a fallschirmjäger instructor at Fallschirmschüle 3 later at fallschirmschüle 2. In December 1944 he was deployed in the field with fallschirmjäger regiment 2 where he saw action in the Hilversum / Amersfoort / Amsterdam area from the beginning of 1945 in the Reichswald in Goch, Weeze, Sonsbeck, Afferden. After heavy fighting against the Americans, he was transferred in March 1945 to fallschirmjäger regiment 58 where he probably joined Kampfgruppe Schirmer.He has been awarded the fallschirmschützenabzeichen and kriegsverdienstkreuz 1st class.The booklet also contains a very interesting notition where he takes an oath of allegiance on May 5, 1945 to Admiral Dönitz.Very interesting wehrpass for further research.

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