Soldbuch Walter Wartmann Schützen Ersatz kompanie 590


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Interesting soldbuch set by Wehrmacht obergefreiten / Mechaniker Walter WartmannSet includes:- Soldbuch.- 3 photos..- Letter red cross Geneva.- Letter from his wife addressed to abwicklungsstelle der deutsche Dienststelle.- Walther Wartmann served in Schützen Ersatz Kompanie 590 as a mechaniker in various departments, ended as a obergefreiten in 1944. He was killed by shrapnel 22-11-1944 between Lützelbourg and Garrebourg in France Elzas-Moselle at a railway tunnel. From that moment on he goes missing due to a sloppy note in the soldbuch until 30-09-1947, then his wife receives the redeeming answer from the red cross in Geneva.Very interesting set for research! 

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