Soldbuch stabsgefreiter Anton Nowak Luftwaffe Flak Krim Stalingrad Kuban.


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Soldbuch Anton Nowak, born 20-01-1907 in the Czech town of Olmütz. From 1927-1929 he served in the Czech army. In 1939 he is called into german service with infantry regiment 7 as an infantryman/schreiber there he serves until 05-11-1940 where he sees action in Belgium and France. He then serves in Flak Bataillon 231, Flak regiment 37, Flakabteilung 91, 1 flakkompanie and finally with the 10th Flak division (Division Engel). In this period he mainly sees eastern front action in areas such as Stalingrad, Kuban, Krim in function of Schreiber. He was awarded the Ostmedaille and medal October 11, 1938. He was also promoted several times to finally Stabsgefreiter in 1944. The soldbuch is in good, complete condition. Very interesting soldbuch for research!

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