Soldbuch Alfred Schock Kriegsmarine u-boat.



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Very interesting Kriegsmarine Soldbuch regarding u-boat staff. Alfred Schock was born on 13-10-1923 in Witten an der Ruhr. Alfred is a Dreher (lathe operator) by profession. He takes up employment as a sailor and is promoted several times to eventually mechaniker-obergefreiter. Awarded with:zerstörerfrontspange, infantry sturmabzeichen and Ek2. He serves in various unterseebootsflottilen:24.Unterseebootsflottile, 4 unterseebootsflottile, 2unterseebootsausbildungsabteilung. In April 45 he serves with 3 marine infanterie ersatz abteilung. Interesting detail is that 2 boats are mentioned, namely the:U Tender Leverkusen (supply ship for u-boats) with which he probably sank, and the Verwundetentransportschiff Der Deutsche.very interesting soldbuch for further research!

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