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Interesting and rare document set related to the arbeitseinsatz. The set tells the story of Gerardus Huizinga born in Amsterdam 23-11-1913 where he lived at the address Bestevaerstraat 170. Gerardus is a carpenter by profession and is requisitioned for the arbeitseinsatz, he is forced to move to Limburg to be precise to Slakstraat 6 Bleijerheide Kerkrade. The documents show that he first works at Schreinerei Schamberg in Herzogenrath where he works as a carpenter until about mid-1944. He then works at Ferdinand Schmetz Segelflugzeugbau in Herzogenrath as a carpenter, until when is not entirely clear, it is plausible in any case to early 1945. A small link can be found in the last dated document that he took part in the dutch resistance. The document set includes: 2 distribution cards with inserts, Bescheinigung Company Schamberg, proof of Dutch nationality checked at the SD Maastricht and signed by a Hauptscharführer and Kriminaloberassistent (not entirely clear whether it was signed by Nitsch),  travel document wochenlochkarte Aachen with Bescheinigung DAF to travel by tram, border traffic pass, 3 work letters Schmetz segelflugzeugbau, Factory Ausweis Schmetz segelflugzeugbau in original cover, application form Passes from the municipality of Kerkrade dated 13-04-1945 checked by the investigation service district Kerkrade on which he indicates that he is in the dutch resistance, and would like to travel back to Amsterdam by bicycle because he is needed there, and wants to help his family.This is a unique document set with a lot of information, very interesting for researchers.

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