Luftwaffe Flak Soldbuch Unteroffizier Hans Knopp 10 awards



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Luftwaffe Flak Soldbuch in the name of Unteroffizier Hans Knopp, born 27.04.1896 in Bonn am Rhein. Hans is a WW1 veteran who also served in various Luftwaffe Flak Abteilungen and Regiments during WWII. This Soldbuch runs from July 1944. Hans is well decorated, and received 10 awards during both wars. Awarded:Sudetenerinnerungsmedaille, Spange zum ek2 1914, erdkampfabzeichen der Luftwaffe, flakartillerie Kampfabzeichen, Bulgarische kriegserinnerungsabzeichen 14/18, ungarische kriegserinnerungsabzeichen 14/18, ek2 WW1, frontkämpfer Ehrenkreuz WW1, Verwundeten Abzeichen schwarz WW1 and the tatigkeitsabzeichen der Flakartillerie. He is also in possession of his own pistol, of which a note has been made. Very special and interesting Soldbuch with beautiful photo in very good condition! Interesting for further research.

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