Luftwaffe soldbuch and flugbuch Flugzeugführer Helmut Schrader.



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Luftwaffe soldbuch and flugbuch Flugzeugführer Helmut Schrader. After his HJ service, Helmut is assigned to Luftkriegsschule 3 in Oschatz where he follows his training from 1-12-1943 to 13-10-1944. He flies various aircraft including:Bü181, Bü131, He72, W33, KL35, Go145, W34, Ar96. He is then assigned to JG105(Jagdgeschwader 105) where he flies in the ME109. The flightbook runs from 10-04-1944 to 19-10-1944 with 276 flights registered, with various interesting notes, flight 229 for example a Bruchlandung (crash), flight 256 a Bruchlandung Tommy hinter mir (Crash due to confrontation). The soldbuch is unfortunately missing pages 1 and 2. Furthermore, all pages are present up to and including page 24. Interesting in the soldbuch is: that he had his own gun, extra sheet of received netzkopfhaube (very unusual). He has been awarded the HJ schiessabzeichen, HJ leistungsabzeichen and 08-03-1945 with the flugzeugführerabzeichen. Very special set that requires further research. We have tried to give a good view of the contents, unfortunately it is not possible to depict everything.

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