Luftwaffe award document set Kampfgeschwader 55 oberfeldwebel (pilot) Philipp Ringholz.



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Luftwaffe certificate set concerning Oberfeldwebel pilot Philipp Ringholz who served in Kampfgeschwader 55 Greif. -Certificate abzeichen für Flugzeugführer awarded 13-08-1940. - Certificate frontflugspange für kampfflieger bronze awarded 08-09-1941. His crew and aircraft number are also known:  2953 2./KG 55 07.09.1941 crashed near AF Kirowograd. (Pilot Ofw. Philipp Ringholz wia,B unknown,WOP unknown,Eng Uffz. Hans Möller kia,),Gnr Gefr. Günther Brandenberg kia.). Very interesting set with special background.    

Rurfront Militaria

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