Kriegsmarine Soldbuch Sanitäter Georg Kratzer torpedo boat/u-boat Narvik


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Soldbuch Georg Kratzer, born 19-05-1922 and living in Ingolstadt. Georg is assigned as a sailor to the marine sanitätsschule where he receives basic training as a sanitäter. He serves with the 5th Torpedo Boat Flotilla on torpedo boat T-16 and he is deployed with the 3rd Torpedo Boat Flotilla on torpedo boat T-14. In between, he continues his education in, among others, Sanitätsschule S-Heerenberg in the Netherlands and Marinelazarett Sanderbusch. From 1944 he served with:1. unterseebootsausbildungsabteilung and 2.unterseebootslehrdivision. From 21-02-1945 he is assigned to 2 baulehrkompanie-8 kriegsschiffbaulehrabteilung Hamburg on Lazarettschiff Monte Olivia until 03-04-1945, then he serves with the 14-U flottile at Narvik. Georg is promoted and awarded several times with:EK2, Verwundeten abzeichen schwarz and the Zerstörerkriegsabzeichen. After surrendering, Georg probably ends up in captivity, judging by a loose page in the booklet. Very interesting Soldbuch for further research!

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