Kriegsmarine Soldbuch Karl Ruser Tross-schiffverbande blockadebrecherabzeichen.


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Karl Ruser born 19-01-1922 in Wesermünde. On 25-09-1941 he is assigned to Tross-Schiffverband Wesermünde as Sailor. On 01-07-1942 he is promoted to Matrosen-gefreiter, 01-12-1942 promoted again to Matrosen obergefreiter. 21-12-1942 he is awarded the blockadebrecher abzeichen. He serves during the war on Tross-Schiff Spichern, which was damaged in Brest by an Allied attack and subsequently sunk by its own troops. Karl is injured and sick several times and is in various hospital wards several times. He survives the war.Interesting Soldbuch for further research.

Rurfront Militaria

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