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Extremely rare item, unique for researchers. This is a leather-bound guest book from the officers' canteen of the reserve lazarett Kaiserswerth or the very well-known Marienkrankenhaus in Kaiserswerth Düsseldorf.The book contains many interesting notes and widmungen. Among others, a dozen very high officers, some very highly distinguished and well-known doctors.The entire staff with all information is also noted in the book.After the war the book seems to have come into possession of Dr Gottwald who was also Oberstabsarzt and Chefartz of the lazarett, therefore in the last part of the book there are about ten pages about his life..We have tried to display the most interesting pages, to display everything that has been described is impossible since the book contains 57 pages described.Dimensions of the book are 24x19x3 CM.   

Rurfront Militaria

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