Wehrpass/ Soldbuch

Wehrpass Hubert Ohletz Wehrmacht


Neat wehrpass with some notes and appendices in the name of Hubert Ohletz. With separate... ..

Wegweiser für den Soldaten und seine Angehörigen in allen Lebenslagen 1943.


Extremely rare booklet explaining how a soldier should behave in the field and in handling.... ..

Soldbuch set Max Manthey


Soldbuch set ww1 veteran Max Manthey. In WW1 Max served as a leutnant with the... ..

Ruckkehrer nachlass Rudolf Krawania Romania.


Ruckkehrer nachlass (legacy of obtaining German citizenship) from a citizen in German national service named:... ..

Wehrpass Kajetan Wimmer Landwehr with cover


Wehrpass with cover in the name of Kajetan Wimmer, Landwehr Landsberg. All entries are depicted. ..

Leather wehrpass cover

€30,00 €35,00

Leather wehrpass cover in used condition. corners are minimally damaged. ..