Hj Führerausweis En Leistungsbuch Heribert Acker.
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Hj führerausweis and leistungsbuch Heribert Acker.


Hj führerausweis and leistungsbuch Heribert Acker. Heribert is admitted to the DJ (Deutsche Jungvolk) on... ..

Boekje Nskk Das Kraftfahrzeug.
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Booklet Nskk das kraftfahrzeug.


Booklet Nskk Das Kraftfahrzeug issued for the Hitler Youth in 1940, the booklet is in... ..

Soldbuch Wilhelm Münchrath Infanterie Regiment 858 Westfront Normandië Belgie Nederland.
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Soldbuch Wilhelm Münchrath infantry regiment 858 Western front Normandy Belgium Netherlands.


Soldbuch Wilhelm Münchrath. Born 21-11-05 in Cologne. Wilhelm serves in various ersatz regiments until he... ..

Hitlerjugend (Hj) Armband.
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Hitler Youth (HJ) armband.


Hitler Youth (HJ) armband, beautiful early piece in worn condition. ..

Mein Kampf Tornisterausgabe 1940
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Mein kampf tornisterausgabe 1940


Mein kampf tornisterausgabe 1940 in nice and complete condition.This book is being sold intended for... ..

Wehrpass Luftwaffe unteroffizier Heinz Richter.
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Wehrpass Luftwaffe unteroffizier Heinz Richter.


Beautiful early Luftwaffe Wehrpass in the name of Heinz Richter. Heinz is mainly active at... ..

Luftwaffe Borduhr Junghans J30 Bz Variant
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Luftwaffe borduhr Junghans J30 BZ variant


Luftwaffe borduhr Junghans J30 BZ, unusual clock with the case and the caliber of a... ..

Nederlandse Uitgave Mijn Kamp
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Dutch edition Mein Kampf


Dutch Mijn Kamp fourth edition in complete reasonable condition. The book has some discolouration, (see... ..

Wehrmacht Besteksetje Fbcm42
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Wehrmacht cutlery set fbcm42


Wehrmacht cutlery set in nice condition. Marked fbcm42 which stands for manufacturer: F.R. BURBERG & CO.... ..

Schutzwall Ehrenzeichen Met Zakje
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Schutzwall ehrenzeichen with bag


Schutzwall ehrenzeichen with bag and ribbon, in nice condition. Bag is from maker Carl Poellath. ..