Volksempfänger Ve301 Dyn Telefunken
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Volksempfänger VE301 Dyn in neat and undamaged condition. The bakelite shows no cracks or flaws.... ..

Duitse Wo1 Zusatzkasten Zum Armeefernsprecher
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German WW1 zusatzkasten zum armeefernsprecher


Rare German WW1  in a well-used condition, with beautiful horn. Rare item! ..

Wo1 Duitse Papierset Schwesternhelferin Leoni Wolfferts
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WW1 German paper set schwesternhelferin Leoni Wolfferts


WW1 German paper set with badges and Red Cross medal in a case of a... ..

Duits Wo1 Herdenkingsbord Met Foto
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German WW1 commemorative plaque with photo


German WW1 Wooden commemorative plaque with photo in the name of: Johann Knestel. Killed in... ..

Duitse Wo1 Perlux Zaklamp
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German ww1 Perlux flashlight


German ww1 Perlux flashlight in very neat lightly worn and complete condition. Rare item! ..

Duitse Wo1 Eiserner Armeefernsprecher Met Tas
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German WW1 eiserner armeefernsprecher with case


German WW1 eiserner armeefernsprecher  with case. The horn is in a very nice condition. The... ..

Wo1 Briefopener Gemaakt Uit Shrapnel/Trench Art.
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WW1 letter opener made from shrapnel/trench art.


WW1 letter opener made from shrapnel, engraved: Essay/Flirey 1914/16. ..

Wehrpass Kajetan Wimmer Landwehr Met Hoes
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Wehrpass Kajetan Wimmer Landwehr with cover


Wehrpass with cover in the name of Kajetan Wimmer, Landwehr Landsberg. All entries are depicted. ..

Mein Kampf Volksausgabe 1933
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Mein kampf volksausgabe 1933


Mein kampf volksausgabe 1933. The book is in good and complete condition! This book is... ..

Luftwaffe Lepel En Vork
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Luftwaffe Spoon and Fork


Luftwaffe spoon and fork in good condition. Heavily silver-plated pieces, marked Wapeto100, which stands for... ..