Zaklamp Daimon Telko 4
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Flashlight daimon telko 4


Flashlight Daimon telko 4 in good complete condition. ..

Mein Kampf Volksausgabe 1938 Met Omslag
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Mein kampf volkssausgabe 1938 with cover


Mein kampf volkssausgabe 1938. The cover has some damage but is stable. The book is... ..

Luftwaffe Wehrpass Flugzeugmechaniker Wilhelm Philippen Nachtjagdgeschwader 3/4/5.
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Luftwaffe wehrpass flugzeugmechaniker Wilhelm Philippen Nachtjagdgeschwader 3/4/5.


Luftwaffe wehrpass flugzeugmechaniker Wilhelm Phillippen, he served in Nachtjagdgeschwader 3/4/5. Nice Wehrpass with calendar and... ..

Luftwaffe Soldbuch Officier Werner Blank
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Luftwaffe soldbuch officer Werner Blank Flieger Fallschirm Armee Italy


Very interesting Luftwaffe soldbuch. Werner served in several Luftwaffe Geschwader until the end of 1944.... ..

K98 bayonet Jos Corts Sn.
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K98 bayonet Jos Corts Sn.


Very nice k98 bayonet with frog. Bayonet is not matching with the scabbard. Bayonet is... ..

Mein Kampf Volksausgabe 1933
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Mein kampf volkssausgabe 1933


Mein kampf early volkssausgabe 1933. The book is in neat and complete condition! This book is... ..

Sa Leistungsbuch Oberscharführer
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Sa Leistungsbuch Oberscharfuhrer


Beautiful leistungsbuch of an SA Oberscharführer. Highly decorated ww1 veteran who has been awarded the... ..

Drk Personalausweis Vorhelferin
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Drk personalausweis vorhelferin


Drk Personalausweis in nice condition. In the name of Maria Hohlbein, her rank was Vorhelferin. ..

Reisepass Freie Stadt Danzig
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Passport Freie Stadt Danzig


Passport/Reisepass freie stadt Danzig, pre-war example in very nice condition. ..

K98 Frog/koppelschuh Gustav Sudbrack.
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K98 frog Gustav Sudbrack.


K98 frog in nice condition, made by manufacturer Gustav Sudbrack in Bielefeld 1939. The closing... ..