Ek1 1914 fr friedländer in case

€400,00 €475,00

Ek1 1914 with case. The Ek1 is a silver variant marked FR, which stands for... ..

Dutch m15 bread bag Mobilisatie cm1918

€325,00 €375,00

Dutch model m15 bread bag, in very neat condition with some field repairs. The bread... ..

Kriegsmarine silver candlestick 2. Torpedo boat flotilla.

€275,00 €350,00

Beautiful silver candlestick. The candlestick is engraved:Chef und Offiziere der 2. Torpedobootsflottile 26.9.36. This candlestick... ..

Wolchow stick 1943

€150,00 €175,00

Wolchow stick in good condition. Beautiful variant with a twisted wooden snake around the stick.... ..

German WW1 P08 Holster N.Burghard Pasing 1918

€300,00 €325,00

Very nice light brown German WW1 P08 Holster made by manufacturer:N. Burghard in Pasing, dated... ..

Luftwaffe mutterkompass fl23331.

€350,00 €400,00

Luftwaffe mutterkompass FL23331 baumüster:FK-m. Made around 1943 by maker :GVY, which stands for J.C. Eckardt,... ..

Luftwaffe Flak Soldbuch Unteroffizier Hans Knopp 10 awards

€230,00 €280,00

Luftwaffe Flak Soldbuch in the name of Unteroffizier Hans Knopp, born 27.04.1896 in Bonn am... ..

Wehrpass wehrmacht Artillery stabswachtmeister Friedrich Weiß

€200,00 €250,00

Wehrpass Friedrich Weiss, Born 16.11.1907 in Loibach Austria. He speaks the Dutch and Hungarian language.... ..

3-piece german ww1 ordenskette.

€65,00 €75,00

3-piece German WW1 miniature ordenskette in beautiful condition. The kette contains:ek2 wo1, landwehrdienstauszeichnung 2nd class... ..

Wehrmacht 5cm granatwerfer 36 ammunition case sand color/tan

€350,00 €450,00

Wehrmacht 5cm granatwerfer 36 ammunition case, in uncleaned condition with complete interior. The box is... ..