Wehrpass Leutnant Kurt Eckle Greece Leros Festungsbrigade 968.



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Kurt Eckle born in Stuttgart on January 30, 1919, he is a salesman by trade and speaks English and French. After his RAD service he is assigned to Infanterie Nachrichten Ersatz Kompanie 205 as funker on 16-02-1940. Subsequently he is assigned to Infantry Regiment 555 until 19-08-1942 where he witnesses Eastern Front action. Then he was assigned to Infanterie Ersatz Bataillon 320 until 27-07-1943, during this period he was promoted to Leutnant. On 28-07-1943 he is assigned to Festungs Infanterie Regiment 968, which on 01-07-1944 is unnamed as Festungsbrigade 968, where he is part of the occupation troops on the Greek island of Leros until 08-05-1945. After the surrender he ends up in captivity, probably in the USA. On the last note pages of the Wehrpass many notes have been made with addresses and names from various countries including:Greece, France, USA. Kurt has been awarded:kriegsverdienstkreuz mit schertern, ost medaille, schutzwall abzeichen, infantry sturmabzeichen silber. The Wehrpass is completely denazified, mostly with pencil. Very interesting Wehrpass for further research.

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